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Welcome to Eros Poli MontVentoux Bike Emotions

The "Eros Difference"

Just you and Eros. A cycling tour with Eros Poli is unlike any you will ever experience.

The difference? A trip with Eros is as close to a one-on-one experience you will ever get with a true European professional cyclist. All of Eros’ trips are strictly limited in size ideally to no more than 10 or so riders giving you direct access to Eros’ unparalleled lifetime of cycling experience.

But there is more: on an Eros trip Eros is your sole guide as well as your director sportif, coach, teammate, dinner companion and storyteller. Eros rides every kilometer and eats every meal side by side with his guests. Nothing makes a great day of riding better than enjoying a glass of prosecco or a fine meal, sharing a few stories and reflecting on how lucky we cyclists are to enjoy these moments in life.

The “Eros Difference” means that each route, hotel and restaurant is personally hand picked and inspected by Eros before the start of each season. The small group concept also allows access to family run hotels and restaurants where the emphasis is on quality and authenticity.

A message from Eros:

“When I started welcoming cyclists from around the world I wanted to do something different, something more intimate so that my guests and I could develop a bond both on and off the bike. As a young racer a wise coach told me that if I was going to do something, it had to be done right otherwise I was wasting my time and his. It was a lesson I never forgot. My guests are my responsibility and I take it very seriously as seriously as I did as a professional racer bringing my sprinters to the finish line. As a result I decided to forego the common business practice of selling as many spots as possible and then staffing the trips with guides. This meant limiting the size of my trips, perhaps not the most profitable thing for me to do, but so be it. The difference between me and everyone else? They operate a business, for me this is my passion and way of life. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.”

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MontVentoux Bike Emotions began in 2006, where I returned to MontVentoux for the first time since winning the stage there in the 1994 Tour de France.

I returned with 45 of my friends where I began to deliver, transmit and share the emotions which MontVentoux and every other climb in the Alps give each person who challenge it.

 Cycling itself delivers emotions, my tours are about making you feel overwhelmed by them in the most beautiful places to ride in the world.


My tour formula along with my vast experience and exposure to the regions we ride in allow you to explore each and every place we pass on and off the bike.

Stretching from the Canary Islands in Spain , to the Dolomites in Italy, the Giro d'Italia, the French Alps, the cobblestones in Belgium, Flanders and the streets of New York, I ask that you join me, on 2 wheels... or even more... for a ride you will keep in a special place in your heart forever!

The Team, our Partners, my friends (Les Amis d'Eros) and staff look forward to treating you well on and off the bike..